My big “WHY”

My pursuit of new design challenges led me to an existence as a freelance graphic designer in 2003.

I work with up-start entrepreneurs and fancy-pants artists who are driven to do work that they love- and that only they can do. For our purposes, What they do, is somewhat less important than why they do it, and it is answering this question that leads the conversation with each new client to inspirations and original solutions that make the resulting designs resonant for them and their business or organization. Many people may do what you do. They may even do it in similar ways, but why you do what you do is unique to you and should drive your business identity.

While the specifics of how clients spend their days will vary, they all share passion in common. It is what makes an award-winning singer-songwriter start his own music company, or an orthodontist create the most comprehensive patient incentive program I have ever seen. It’s what makes location scouts and managers overhaul their guild’s brand to reflect their (not incidental) love of fine art photography. When I first started this endeavor, it was only my passion to design that fueled me. Now, it is that, and a desire to see others spend their days doing what inspires them. That’s my “Why”. What is yours?

If you’d like some help identifying your “Why’- check out Scott Dinsmore’s TED talk on the subject of doing passionate work.