My training as a graphic designer began early. The youngest daughter of an award-winning art director and photographer, my father taught me my first and best lessons in design. He was a master at synthesizing concepts into a single thought-provoking and clever image. This synthesis of themes became, for me, the hallmark of what separates great design from the merely good. The greater part of this approach, aside from the nimble cleverness, is a belief that a designer must always respect their audience and reach for the highest common denominator.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from Illinois State University where I studied both Design and Theatre Arts. I began work at a Sales Promotion agency in Chicago but was lured to California and into the world of feature animation.

I worked on animated feature films such as: ” FernGully: The Last Rainforest”, the Academy Award Nominated animated short , “Technological Threat” as well as Disney blockbusters “The Lion King”, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Pocahontas”, and Warner Bros.’ “Space Jam” and “Quest for Camelot”.

While working in the animation industry as a color stylist, I was able to immerse myself in the use of color to create mood, lighting, and character. I learned a great deal about design during these years while working with some of the finest draftsmen and most creative animation artists in the world. I  bring some of that organic hand-drawn warmth to my design projects whenever possible, remembering that the human imagination is still the greatest tool at our disposal.

My big “WHY”

After a decade and a half of working in animated film production, a tectonic shift in the technical skills required led me to seek new design challenges as a freelance graphic designer. I had never planned to be an entrepreneur, but as client after client came to me with their budding businesses- each one braving uncertainty in order to bring a passionate idea to fruition, or simply to have more control over how they spent work hours and reap the rewards more directly, I realized that I had a bit of that entrepreneurial spirit myself. My passion for design became my passion for seeing entrepreneurs and those with a love for what they do begin their journey with a logo design that would continue to fuel their efforts for years to come.