• Los Angeles, CA


A highly versatile graphic designer and team player with a bold, curated sense of color and the skills to synthesize concepts into thought-provoking images.

Over 16 years of design experience managing a wide variety of branding and design projects for consumer and trade clients from conception to print. Design work includes: logos, posters, print ads, book covers, identity packages, direct marketing materials, film titles, illustration and murals for clients in the entertainment industry, food products, retail, fitness and health services. Fast, original, on-target and on-time.


  • Lead ideation, presentation and execution of design concepts with client stakeholders
  • Brand development for small businesses and established organizations
  • 16+ years as a freelance designer and business owner
  • Experience managing direct reports for career growth
  • Lead design teams for web and print design and implementation
  • Hand-lettering


Art direction and brand development, graphic and web design and implementation, brand usage guides, print coordination, account management, customer service


The John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary Worked closely with client stakeholders and event planner to develop invitations and a 120-page ad journal for their premier fundraising gala. Art directed and managed contract designers for completion of the ad journal. The event raised over 1 million dollars- the highest in it’s history.

Alzheimers Orange County Generated conceptual designs, graphic designs, collaterals materials, a pop-up mailer, t-shirts and print coordination for the ALZOC WALK4ALZ and RUN4ALZ events. Lead designer on the organization’s umbrella logo- “VoyAge OC”.

Radiant Health Centers (formerly Aids Services Foundation) Worked closely with client stakeholders as the lead designer for web and print designs including logos, web graphics, invitations, collateral materials, t-shirts, print coordination and installation graphics to promote volunteerism and generate donations to the organization.

The Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) Lead designer on the Guild’s logo redesign, marketing and membership efforts including a redesign of their logo, web graphics, trade show banners, collateral materials, photo show catalog, calendar and website redesign. Since beginning work with LMGI, their membership has increased 60% and the guild has extended their reach to include members around the world.

Abari Orthodontics and Oral Surgery Rebranded the company with a new logo and branding style guide. Created designs for comprehensive referral programs for incoming patients and referring dentists, continuing education study club fliers, in-office signage, and employee appreciation awards.

Taxi Dog Educational– Conceptualized, Art Directed and designed the company logos. Worked with stakeholders to generate a comprehensive branding and style guide. Designed packaging, posters, trade show collateral and booth graphics, educational posters, teaching guide, and art directed a photoshoot for this company.

Levi Kreis/Vision 9 Records– Designed Company & Personal logos, CD Cover Designs, Web Graphics, Tour Poster for this Tony Award winning artist.

Branded Entertainment “Lucky Stiff” (Indie Film)- Conceptual design, Illustration, logo design, end title graphics, movie poster


-Graduated with a B.S. From Illinois State University with concentrations in Visual Arts & Theater

-Certified in Graphic and Web Design from ZOOM Graphics, Bakersfield, CA


Film Roman ( 1999 )
Color styling on “Mission Hill” animated series- freelance

Warner Bros. Feature Animation ( 1996-1998 )
Color styling –

  • Space Jam– Animated Feature Film
  • Quest for Camelot, Established moonlit night scenes that were used as the standard throughout “Quest”.

Walt Disney Feature Animation ( 1992-1996, 2009 )
Digital Ink & Paint ( CAPS )

  • The Lion King– Digital Painter
  • Pocahontas- Digital Painter, Paint Mark-up
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame- Paint Mark-up
  • Runaway Brain– Paint Mark-up
  • Fantasia 2000– Paint Mark-Up
  • The Princess and the Frog– Digital Ink & Paint

Hyperion Animation (1992)

  • Bebe’s Kids– Traditional ink & paint, paint corrections

Kroyer Films, Inc. (1985-1992)

  • Ferngully: The Last Rainforest– Animated Feature Film- Blue Sketch, Animation Checking, Ink & Paint. Final Checking
  • Technological Threat– Academy Award Nominated Short Film- Production Manager, Title Design
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation– Title sequence- Production Manager, Graphic Design, Hand Lettering
  • Troop Beverly Hills– Title Sequence- Production Manager
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids– Title Sequence- Production Manager
  • Cinemax Drive-In Movie– Animated Short- Production Manager
  • The Flintstones – Cartoon for Universal Studios Tour- Ink & Paint Supervisor
  • The Making of Me– Short film for Epcot Center- Production Coordinator
  • The Lion and the Lamb– Direct to video Christmas Special- Lead Color Stylist

Wm. A Robinson, Sales Promotion (1985)

  • Worked with Art Directors to produce layouts, comps, POP displays

References available on request. All dates are approximate.