You’re a new business or an established organization. You need graphics. You need graphics that bring people to you. You don’t know anything about design, or you’ve worked with designers in the past, but their work, or their work ethic, left you wanting more. You have a job to do, a tight deadline to do it in and a room full of people counting on it accomplishing your objectives. Now what?


IT STARTS WITH A CONVERSATION. Whatever your business, it probably doesn’t revolve around the intricacies of visual communication and graphic design. You’re busy saving lives, or putting your music, book or event out into the world.

The first step is going to be a conversation. I’ll ask questions. Lots of questions. And don’t worry if you don’t know the answers already, or don’t know how to talk about what you need. That is my job- to ask questions, to get to know you, your organization’s mission, or the reason behind your new endeavor. I listen, to what you say and what you don’t say, and it informs my approach to your creative project.

“Leslie has truly raised the bar on every advertisement, brochure or other projects we’ve collaborated on. She has a great visual style and intuitively captures the feel of what I’m looking for – even if I’m not so great at expressing it verbally. And then she comes back with something that is visually stunning and totally on target.”- JJ Levine¬† Client since 2006¬†

SCOPE OF WORK If it seems like a good fit on both sides, we’ll outline your budget, your timeline, and the deliverables. I’ll prepare a proposal and we’ll move forward. With a signed contract and receipt of a deposit, the real work begins.

PRELIMINARY DESIGNS – Depending on the particulars, I’ll create rough preliminary designs.

If applicable, you will provide proofed and approved text for your materials.

REVIEW– We’ll talk through what is resonating, and what is not, and find one idea to develop to completion.

FINAL DESIGN REVIEW & REVISIONS– Final designs will be submitted and reviewed and final tweaks will be completed before delivery of the final PDF files.

AS AN ADDED BENEFIT TO MY DESIGN CLIENTS, I can coordinate the printing of standard sizes of many print materials at wholesale prices. This is a terrific way for you to receive quality deliverables while keeping costs down.

*The fine print: Wholesale prices are limited to sizes and quantities offered by my printing partner, one of the largest and most reputable in the country. Custom sizes and quantities (outside those offered by my printing partner) must be purchased from a third party at their standard prices. I can help with that too!